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Chameleon is a specialist finishing company, we are distinctive, flexible, and extremely adaptable. These characteristics are fundamental to the brand as well as our aspiration to constantly be ‘in the pursuit of excellence'.


Here at Chameleon, we understand that to achieve this goal we must be consistently adapting to the new, ever-changing standards and regulations developing in the construction industry, and we do so with the utmost skill and commitment.


With 25 years of decorative finishing experience and an impressive portfolio of luxury postcodes both in London and overseas, we are able to provide you with inspirational ideas and exceptional craftsmanship to elevate your home.


Alongside our decoration experience, Chameleon is a group company of Shortgrove Renovation & Construction Ltd., who has been working within the construction industry for 20 years and is highly experienced in both commercial and residential sectors. SRC has delivered schemes to blue chip institutional clients and the last 10 years in the high-end property sector, working alongside some of the world’s leading design houses to provide services to residential clients.


We take a personal approach towards providing a turnkey solution to our clients’ and needs. While we expand in size, we vow to never allow our scale or scope to diminish from this personal approach, as we believe it is what makes our company culture unique. With Chameleon, you can be certain that you will receive an experience tailored for yourself and the space in which we are working.

Built upon decades of experience and a firm set of shared beliefs, we invest ourselves in providing the best quality substance across every surface.

Co - Founder & Creative Director

Grant McLaren

Director Swiss and
French Alps

Tom Beaney


At Chameleon Specialist Finishing we strive for the best quality throughout all of our endeavours , and that starts with the people we surround ourselves with.

Co - Founder & Managing Director

Richard Beaney

IMG_0589 copy.JPG

Bianca Zambrea

Art Director


Costa Rica Collection

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Present throughout the rugged, rainforested land of Costa Rica is an array of magnificent textures and tones, and we have captured our favourites in this collection.


Boston Collection

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In Massachusetts bustling capital, you will find bold colours, cutting edge designs, and groundbreaking textures that will inspire and delight you.


Paris Collection

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Rustic Romanticism meets modern metropolitan within this decadent, Parisian inspired collection, drawing upon the subtle metallics and romantic shades that form the foundations of the French capital.

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